Our Story


Origin started with an idea: What if we looked for potential where others had given up trying — and changed the world? In 2008, chemical engineering students from the University of California, Davis founded a brand-new material technology company. Ever since, Origin has applied first-principles thinking to challenging, rewarding problems in chemistry and engineering. R&D is our heart and soul.

Platform development.

Over the past 10 years, Origin has developed a platform for turning the carbon found in biomass into useful materials, while capturing carbon in the process. The science has steadily advanced, from initial proof of concept to pilot demonstration and beyond. In 2016, Nestlé Waters and Danone formed an alliance with Origin to commercialize the platform’s first product, plant-based PET plastic with a low carbon footprint. PepsiCo joined the NaturALL Bottle Alliance in 2018.


Now, we are developing and commercializing our core technology, including building a small commercial-demonstration scale facility. It’s how we’re making our vision reality: We believe that in the future, making products won’t be an emissions problem – but an opportunity to capture carbon in durable goods.