• Flavors and Fragrances

    Methyl furfural is commonly used to make flavors and fragrances. It can be derived from Origin CMF, which is produced directly by Origin’s patented technology platform.

  • Plasticizers

    Levulinic acid is used to make plasticizers, ethyl levulinate production, surfactants, and many other applications. Levulinic acid is produced directly by Origin’s patented technology platform.

  • Polyamides

    Origin CMF can be used to produce adipic acid, HMDA, and caprolactum, which are precursors to nylon-6 and nylon-6,6.

  • Polyurethanes

    Origin CMF can be converted into various raw materials used to make polyurethanes, such as 1,6-hexandiol (HDO) and 2,5-hexanediol, which are both monomers that can be used for polyester and polyurethane production.

  • Solvents

    Origin CMF and furfural can be converted into various solvents and solvent precursors including para-xylene and cyclohexanone. Furfural is used for furfuryl alcohol, methyl tetrahydrofuran, furfuryl polymers, refinery solvents, and more.

  • Styrene

    Origin CMF may be used to produce vinyl furfural, an analogue of styrene.

  • Surfactants

    CMF, levulinic acid, and terephthalic acid made with Origin's technology are sustainable building blocks for making surfactants.

  • Additional Chemicals

    Origin CMF can be converted into a wide variety of existing and new sustainable, low carbon, and carbon-negative chemicals. See Origin's synthetic derivatives diagram for additional opportunities, including polyphenyl vinylene (PPV), polyfurfurfural vinylene (PFV), and functional analogues of carbon black and activated carbon produced from Origin HTC.

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